About the Author

About the Author

Professional Information

Barry started his career in Financial Services March 1990

From 1990 to 2012 firstly an insurance agent, then Financial Planner and from 2009 to 2012 a Market Services Adviser (stockbroker). Now an Author of Financial & Christian Books.

Barry has a PhD in Bus Admin, Studying a PhD in Ministry, has a cert iv in ministry, has completed a Australian Company Directors dip, An International Company Directors Dip,  A Adv Dip in Financial Planning,  Cert in Self-Managed Super Funds, has read over 300 books on Motivation another hundred or more on the Markets, listened to about 1500 tapes, CD’s and DVDs on motivation and hundreds of Seminars.

Is a student of the Markets, as in I like learning about how the markets are controlled. Fascinating stuff!

Non Professional

Barry is married for 33 years with 3 Children and 2 Grandchildren.  Lives in Coffs Harbour Australia.


Is a Born Again Christian since 19th December 1981.

Some of his Story

In 1972 my parents split up so I had to decide who to live with, I chose Mum because I was still young.  In 1973 and early 1974 I had to make a another decision, and this one was come with mum and her new husband to Australia or stay with Dad in England.  I chose mum again for the same reasons, but this time I was leaving Dad and Brother and all other family members behind.  This sent me a big loopy I think.

In 1974 the floods happened in Brisbane and so we disembarked in Sydney.  I went to a school in Cabramatta.  There due to me living in a poor part of London, my schooling had degraded from my middle class school in Hemel Hampstead.  I could not write cursive, and the teachers in Cabarmatta Sydney school were angry about this, so I printed the words and joined them together.  Never did they offer to help me learn cursive writing.

They got angry with me printing the words and then joining them so the only answer was to have me hold out both hands and cane me for being naughty and guilty of the fact I printed my words and joined them together, because I could not write cursive.

Needless to say me and schools no longer got along.  I hated school from that moment, however it was not until I was in my late 40’s that I realised I was partially ADHD.

So I was in every “bludge”  class I could be in.  Eventually leaving school and coming up against problems, I would look for the easy way out after all that is what the teachers taught me.  They did not teach me to learn but rather look for the easy way out and avoid the cane.

However life cane’s one many times over.  I would look for the easy way. however becoming Born Again Christian saved me I believe from a troubled life.  Eventually having 3-4 mouths to feed I looked for a way to feed these ravenous beings.

I decided to do insurance, the insurance and financial planning reforms forced me to study.  Then I read a book titled, Read to grow rich.  It is a book that says if you want to be rich in any area, not money, then read and read.

I was hooked and I read like crazy.  This helped me save my wife, who was very ill when aged 37.  The reading got me to a point where I could ask informed questions which lead me to the top of their field medical professions.  I put my wife on Juice only for 3 months (no solid foods for 3 months) and spent 2 hours a day just juicing.  I nursed her back to life, all got all the heavy metals out of her blood, and many other things I had to do and pay for. My Financial Planning passive income allowed me to do this.  Even ladies have said to me, Barry I would not have done that for my partner. Well it was very expensive. But the benefit was my teenage children then did not watch their mother be put 6 foot under. Because I caught these illnesses early enough, Trauma Insurance would not pay out.

By the time my 40’s come along I was tired of the struggle and just when I was going to hit the money very well taking my turnover from 150 grand a year to 1 million a year, I said to myself I have had enough.  I am going to do what I want to do. Dumb mistake.  Nevertheless if I did not do that you would not be reading this now.

gold minerYep that was me, All I had to do was move back to Whyalla, put up with the exiting business partner of the biggest Accountancy Business for 3 years 3 inches and I would have taken my income to over 1 million AUD a year easy!

That was a Dumb mistake and one I have regretted many times.  There were many reasons I did not go ahead and one of them was I had to live 500 kilometres from my wife, She could not live in Whyalla her body could not handle the arsenic that burning the Earths crust produces,from the Steel Mill and from Port August Power Plant and from Port Pirie’s Lead plant.  So I choose Wife over Business and all that did was make me work another 10 years without reward.  I took the road less travelled.

I decided I was going to learn the secret to the markets and instead of just walking my passive income cheques to the Bank and reading and studying, I sold the business.  As a well off Friend said to me in Sydney He said “Barry you got tired of going to the Bank”?

I look back and think you nutter, why did you get tired of walking my passive income cheques to the bank.  I was 41 and semi retired!

Anyway things happened along the way and in 2011 I said that’s it I am going to learn this, this year, and I put in 3000 hours of study in 9 months.  Since then I have just refined the processes and methods.

The stock market is a very hard thing to learn, but what I discovered as did W.D. Gann did when he spent day and night over 6 months in a Library in New York, is that the Mathematical Musical Solar System / Clock of clocks, controls it all.

So I asked God and myself it must have a simple targeting system. There’s always a hard way and a easy way.  So what is the easy way?

The Easy Way

If I had been a surveyor I would have instantly known what to do.  I was not so I had to put in the work and know the hard way like W.D. Gann did, to then say, okay what is the easy way and I found it. Why no one in surveying industry who also did trading found it I have no idea or they did and did not want others to know.  Why no surveyor has realise what the secret is, is beyond me, maybe none of them could be brothered.

If fact it is so easy it is almost unbelievable, but believe me it is easy.

I don’t know if Gann found this way, he should have but it is not in any of his books or courses that I can see anyway.

Now I look back and think you know what if that teacher did not cane me, if my mum and dad did not split up, if I stayed in England instead of coming to Australia, I would not have found that secret. I live a blessed life for two reasons, I went through all that and I love God and live in his blessings.

I am updating my book now and the new one will be called ………….. Along with the book will be a spreadsheet for people to also purchase, it is simple spreadsheet, one can automate it if they wish.

The amazing thing to me is, I was taught really to look for the easy way, so I would not get punished, I got punished anyway, and due to looking for the easy way I started off on very low pay.  But when forced I stepped up to the mark and did what others would not do. Like Colonial Saunders of KFC, sleeping in his car, I would do the same and sleep in the bush as well.  When everyone was asleep as it were, I was driving taking up both lanes on a one lane each way highway to get home. i.e. I was tired.  When they were not working on the weekends I was in my office doing the paper work.  When I moved office I did it myself.  When it was 45 degrees or more by 9:am I was seeing clients while others sat in their air-conditioned offices.  While other’s were being average I was being exceptional.

Associates would say to me Barry your a smart operator, and I would think, I am struggling all the time. Which is one reason I sold my business. I thought I was doing it wrong! When I got to Sydney I realised I had been doing it right.  One of the Laws of success is

be around longer than everyone else”   Barry Gumm!

(The Reason I thought I was struggling was I was building a passive income and that takes time, I did not see the Asset as it was a House or a building, but really I was in the pit of life forking out money due to family costs, but we as a family were having a better life than many in that town of Whyalla.

And that law applies in the markets as well (be around a long time) . In my new book I tell of a story of a person whose broker lost him 1.5 Million in the 2008-2009 crash, who wanted to get it back quick.  I warned him, I said there are no quick money in the markets only quick losses!  But he said he wanted the money back quick!  The trouble with that is, you may not be around financially long enough to take advantage of a crash and therefore the fast money, which by the way is rare in the markets!

Fast money in the markets is rare. Fast losses in the markets is not rare!

Many of the things the insurance companies do today were copied from what I did in my little practice in Whyalla South Australia.

For example:

(1) The income protection tax letters they send out each year I started doing that 10 years before they did.  I wanted my clients to claim back what they could, and that exiting partner said to me re the letters (because his clients said to him if Barry had not sent that to me I would have not claim or forgot to have claimed it) he went on to say Barry you are not the best but you want what is best for the client!

People want to know how much you care before they care how much you know.

(2) Client review plan’s I struggled for 5 years on what to do and the industry did not know, I shared my client review plans with my National Mutual / AXA business Developer, went to and conference and there they were on the Screen! I looked at him at the end of the presentation, he looked at me and the conversation was telepathic!  I did not care but I did wish he would have told me he was going to copy it and give it out to all, maybe he or his boss thought I like to patten it!  Now the whole industry use them!

(3) there are others but I will not bore you with them.

Because I looked for the easy and better way, often caught me out and I had to do it the hard way, but that was because I had not learn’t at school when someone else was forking the bill.

However my personality mix was and is, I liked to do it the right way, and I found that in the Bible, “A good name is better than much fine Gold“.  The interesting thing about that is, you get the Gold anyway it just takes a while that’s all.

Anyway I found the easy way to target a point and price in time in the markets.  Much easier than doing all the W.D Gann stuff and the Bradley Cowan stuff. That man is smart (Bradley Cowan) is incredibly gifted.

With my system all you do is measure a couple of points and project those measurements forward by a factor number and bingo if done correctly you have a target in SPACETIME in the future in a few minutes, seconds now with my spreadsheet. Also project the Rhythms of the market you are trading, so you will know what the chart may look like before the market shows you, and it is done as I said in seconds to a few minutes.

What I learn’t was there is always an easy way you just have to look for it.  Well your searching is over.  If you want an easy way then purchase one of my books.  Then over time learn the hard way, via W.D.Gann studies, Bradley Cowan Studies, Astrology for Gann Traders study and so on.


You can look at a trend take a measurement or two and know with  a greater than 95% accuracy where it is going whatever the market you trade.  And pinpoint over time (for Long term trends 5 or 6 years) the reversal of the trend. Lower time frames take a few seconds to pinpoint the reversal time.

So it is your choice go and learn and spend over 3,000 hours at it or buy my book and in a couple of hours get a trading targeting average of over 95%.

I know which one I would chose!

Your choice.  Hard verse’s Easy?

There’s a crash coming very soon, you don’t have time to go the long way.  But its up to you of course.


Long time over a short learning time.  

Take the elevator to the top or be a study trekker?

Soar with the Eagles, or keep eating with the ducks?

Take the Jet fighter, or take the passenger liner?

As some reporter put it?

What does it take to become an exceptional trader? the reply was “average traders do not become exceptional”.

What can one do to be exceptional?

“Exceptional traders become exceptional”

In other words the average, don’t keep learning,  I still keep learning.

I planned to do Olga Morales course’s on Astrology for Gann Traders.  This is a double interest for me for a fair bit of the book of Revelation and the Bible in whole is Astrology, but not soothsayers astrology or seeking advice from the dead.

My advice is learn the easy way make plenty of money in this coming crash of 2015 to 14th August 2015,

Then learn the hard way over time.

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