Why can Barry Gumm say Cornerstone Targeting (Tri-Rhythms) are the HOLY GRAIL of Trading Accuracy The NO:1 Market Top Secret?  It is simple really.

The process and technologies he uses demonstrates he achieves a trading targeting accuracy rate of 95% at first, while inventing the process, moving up to and quite often 99 to 100% correct. An average of over 95% is simply incredible.

If Barry sets a target the Market usually hits or get very close to it.  Usually within 5 points on the first run not on the rebounds!  Brokers who say well the market went past my target then came back to it, are saying well I was right on the rebound.

Not Barry if he sets a target using the numbers the market has given him, the market will or usually gets very close to that target the first time!  Why? After all he is using the formula and process technologies the markets have shown him.  With nothing more than a chart, calculator and trading execution software Barry’s Cornerstone Targeting (Tri-Rhythms) are calculated and set in motion.

He does not use the hundreds of indicators, he proves his formulas are very close or right on target much more than the coveted Fibonacci and still retains Fibonacci after all for a small amount of the time is useful in trading,

He does not spend hours on fundamental data, moving averages and the such like.
He can do it on any time frame (including trading Tick charts) and on any stock, Futures, Options or Commodity, Index or Forex just to name a few.

In this book you will find charts (NOT after the fact charts) some charts are complete, but MOSTLY the charts shown are live and he demonstrates the calculations in the charts before the markets get to where he said they would showing you where the calculations are taken from (first Chart), the markets as they move towards the target (second chart) with the completion and accuracy of the Target on the Third chart.

This demonstration is unique.  He puts his neck on the line, before the markets has shown the outcome and puts the evidence of such in this book. You are left in no doubt how to calculate the entry, the intermediate targets, and the final targets, seconds (tick charts) to Years in advance and the exit point to usually a 95% or greater accuracy!, certainly over 95% accuracy.

Unbelievable you think?, yes it is, and that is why Cornerstone Targeting (Tri-Rhythms) are called the HOLY GRAIL of trading accuracy.  This is part one of the Holy Grail of Trading Accuracy, yet you can achieve a greater than 99% accuracy just by applying the contents of this book!

To mine or Barry’s knowledge no other trading book has done that.  (a). shown how to do it easily, consistently and (b) demonstrated it in charts as the market completed them or reached the targets usually with an accuracy of over 99%.

The exceptional skills of Barry Gumm are demonstrated, clearly, explained simply, and visually shown.

You are left with the confidence that you can commence trading from one reading of this book, get it right, increase your accuracy and if you have never traded before,
trade with the knowledge of the processes and technologies have set you on a trading path to trade profitably from day one!

Chris Flethall USA


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