Market Triangulation – Ebook – Second Addition – Full Colour – With spreadsheet

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Market Triangulation, Ebook no spread sheet.

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Market Triangulation – Ebook – Full Colour – Second Addition With Spreadsheet

Market Triangulation – Spiritual Investing & Trading Second Addition

This book replaces the NO:1 Market Top Secret and Market Triangulation

Market Triangualtion Second Addition Full colourristian will lament like they did in 2008 and 2009, losing their life savings don’t let it happen too You!

For customers who have brought the NO:1 Market Top Secret Christian Trading and Investing we have set up a special page for you which provides even more insight and all the charts and drawings for you to peruse. It is password protected, the password is in the book. Click here to go to the page.

Market Triangulation special page is on its way.

This book was written with three thoughts in mind and that is declaring the truth on how the markets move and it was written for Spiritual people or people who do not mind Christian content. You are not a Christian and or you do not want to know how the markets move from a Spiritual point of view, you should buy the compact copy.

The third reason is that the Secret is now out and may as well call a book by the most important discovery since W.D. Gann, and update the charts so it is easier to follow, now that it has been well and truly proven Market Triangulation and how to you use it will get you over 95% accurate to 100% accurate.

In this book  the author demonstrates that the Law of Vibration and Harmony is in control. Yes the imputes may be different all the time but the fact remains the markets are and must leave a mathematical trail and must comply with the mathematics of the universe.

This Mathematical “trail if you will” is 100% predictable, after taking just a couple of its numbers (that any market leaves) and computing them out. Unfortunately we humans cannot get it 100% all the time. However the Author demonstrates in this book again and again that he is constantly and consistently over 99.++++% accurate. Yes down to the the fourth decimal point!

The Author has developed a process and technology for you to be able to do this as well and all within the information contained in this one book.

You can use the information contained in my book right down to Tick charts to years in advance and even more. But keeping it within our time frame usually up to 5 years in advance.

The methods and principle are simple, but one had to work them out, and that is what the author has done for you.

Indeed it has been almost 4 years since the method first invented how the author achieved the accuracy desired. This demonstrated accuracy is in a little in the video below made in 2012 Titled Accuracy. Which was produced when the author owned his Australian Financial Services Business. He was still learning at that time and was achieving a 98.3% accuracy as the video shows. The last two years have only improved the targeting accuracy to over 99% success rate the closer to the regular 100% target rate the slower it is it get there!


Short Video of NO:1 Market Top Secret

This is the only book that the author has found so far that provides mathematically proof that this works, No not one other book, offers you this – a Target Percentage of Accuracy. You will achieve this accuracy 95% and over time maybe 99-100% but mostly 99.++++% on your targeting.

The technology and processes if followed consistently will provide you with Accuracy unheard of in the Financial Markets before.




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