Mystery Babylon the Great-er London & The Harlots Cup – ebook – Second Addition

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Mystery Babylon the Great-er London & The Harlots Cup – ebook – Second AdditionMystery babylon the Great-er London Second Addition Front Cover


Mystery Babylon the Great-er London & The Harlots Cup – ebook – Second Addition

Mystery babylon the Great-er London Second Addition Full Cover

Forward by

Rev’d Dr.Graham J Whelan OAM

In this work Barry Gumm has focused on Biblical numerology, Astronomy and traditional astrology science. He focuses on specific chapters in the Book of Revelation. In his work he uses the above methods to define the future date of the end of the age.

As an evangelical theologian I acknowledge the Bible places significance on numbers (7 – perfection, 10 -complete, 40 – in all directions (North, South, East and West – High, Deep, Wide and Long) complete).

Much has been written about the truth there are no numbers in the Hebrew and Greek character set _ that context determines if a character is a letter or a number. A well known example is the Greek word for Our Lord Jesus (6k. iasou – – 1 – 10, a – 8, 5 – 200, 0 -70, u – 400) 5 – 200 = 888).

The Bible uses numbers for perfection, completeness, unity, divisions as mentioned.

Astronomy has been noted the alignment of planets in our solar system and the effect of star definition on human condition, affairs and relationships.

Barry’s work clearly defines his concept and calculation on end times. We know from the Holy Scripture we are in the end times – especially when it is evident that attitudes to our Christian civilization, heritage and way of life are being disestablished (Romans 1:18-32); 1 Timothy 6:3-10; 2 Timothy 3:1-9; 2 Peter 2:1-22; 3:1-10).

Barry has spent a great deal of his work examining the evils of the love of money mentioned in the above references.

Given these scriptures, it is clear to me through the guidance of the Holy spirit that the end of the age is near.

Barry’s calculations using the application of astronomical and astrological events is particularly interesting.

His calculations and analysis of the members of the Royal Family are his opinion. We do know the Queen is ignoring some of Her Coronation vows.

Ove the centuries astrological study has been used to predict seasons and affairs and attitudes of men.

Barry has been careful in defining and avoiding the evil use of astrology given that traditionally those methods have had academic merit but modern use has unfortunately focused on horoscopes and soothsaying.

Personally I follow a simple approach to following Jesus and his words 24/7-.

Barry interrupting at this point, I follow simple approach to following Jesus, it just a subject like the one discussed in this book needed a different type of thought pattern and my financial background proved critical in the processes of determination of the actual and literal interpretations of organisations and people the bible is (was and is to come talking about).

Barry ending and Graham continuing:

“If you love me you will obey what I command” (John 14:15). Jesus encourages us to “Watch” (Mathew 24:42, 26:41; Mark 13:33, 35,37). Also to simply “Worship God” (revelation 19:10, 22.9). This is the One True God – Yahweh – Father, Son & Holy Spirit – The God of the Bible not any god! (Isaiah 41.14, 6,20; 45:1 (LORD – YAHWEH)).

Of great importance in this work is his in-depth research into the Banking System, The New World Order (NOW) – Global Government. His study of the history of how this is developing with the evils of global banking is overwhelming. Do bank have this power? We know the Kings of the earth in the end will continue to gather against Jesus (revelation 19:19).

Thus, his study and commentary on many chapter in the Book of Revelation encourages each true born again believer to keep praying and reading Holy Scripture and allow the Holy Spirit to continually guide and give new insights.
Rev’d. Dr. Whelan has an M.B.S, Ph.D. in Theology (hons), D.D, and has the Order of Australia Medal – OAM

Table of Contents

Prelude 33
Chapter 1 – Scriptures in Primary Focus 57
Chapter 2 – Rome in London & Temple Mithras 75
Chapter 3 – History of Modern Babylon 100
Chapter 4 – WOE:1 111
Chapter 5 – How Cycle Change 119
Chapter 6 – Ten Horns 129
Chapter 7 – Unclean Animals & Aliens 137
Chapter 8 – History – Bank of England 154
Chapter 9 – Begetting of Banks 174
Chapter 10 – The Bank is sat on many waters 191
Chapter 11 – What the Bank sits on 197
Chapter 12 – The Five Fallen Heads 219
Chapter 13 – The Sons of Prince of Wales 231
Chapter 14 – the Second Beast & Two Horns 242
Chapter 15 – The Martyrs 252
Chapter 16 – The Harlot’s Cup 256
Chapter 17 – Bank Harlot Seated 269
Chapter 18 – The Ten Horns 275
Chapter 19 – Analysis 290
Chapter 20 – Baby Horn 319
Chapter 21 – Child Banks 324
Chapter 23 – London’s Burning the Great Fire 330
Chapter 24 – Interest or Usury 335
Chapter 24 – Bankrupting the Vatican 339
Chapter 25 – Dragon Snake & Phoenix Worship 343

Conclusions 357



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