The Mathematically Correct Triangulation Rhythm Model Paperback – Second Addition – Free Ebook

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The Mathematically Correct  Triangulation Rhythm Model – Paperback – Second Addition – Free Ebook

Better Grammar  – Full Page Colour Charts


The Mathematically Correct Triangulation Rhythm Model Paperback – Second Addition and FREE Ebook

This book is an updated version of the book The Mathematically Correct Triangulation Rhythm “wave”  Model

The charts are better and easier to view, and this book in paperback from is in colour.

The Mathmatically Correct Rhythm Wave Model Second Addition Front cover

One when purchasing this book should consider purchasing the spreadsheet as it will save hours trying to set one up your self.

This book is designed for Experienced Traders and Investors including Professional Traders & Investors.

It has been designed to be able to be read in a Traders Lunch time about 2-3 hours. It is only 200 pages long. And the experience traders can skip the trading chapter and trading plan making it for them only around 180 pages and a lot of it is charts in order to show the process.

There is very little back ground information just enough to inform you of the mathematical process used. If one needs the background information they should buy one of Barry’s trading books titled “NO:1 Market Top Secret” or the compact version.

There is no Christian or secret society information in this version of “The Mathematically Correct “wave” Triangulation Rhythm Model” at all.

It is pure market information on how the “waves” or more correctly rhythms work and how to target simply and very quickly.

It is so simple one can do it in their head in seconds and with basic maths education.

This book will show you how to target with a greater than 95% accuracy and with very little practice you will probably start measuring your accuracy like the Barry does down to the fourth decimal point, being 99.++++% to 100% correct on targets set.

You are left in no doubt how to do the above (Target and therefore Trade) simply, quickly and precisely.

The Mathmatically Correct Rhythm Wave Model Second Addition Full cover

Chapter One – Triangles 12
Chapter Two – Market Rhythms Are Triangles 22
Chapter Three: Triangular Rhythms – Tri-Rhythms – TriR – Triangulation 30
Chapter Four `c’ (#1) & `C’ (#3) Cornerstone – Tri-Rhythms 65
Chapter Five: Cornerstone TriR’s In action 88
Chapter Six – Triangulation 109
Chapter Seven – Circles 129
Chapter Eight – Tri-Rhythms the Technologies & Calculations 134
Chapter Nine – Tri-Rhythms as Sound 146
Chapter Ten – Trading Intraday Tri-Rhythms 149
Chapter Eleven – Tri-Rhythms change rhythms 150
Chapter Twelve – Squares 155
Chapter Thirteen – Timing Projections 161
Chapter Fourteen – Tri-Rhythms Index charts 172
Chapter Fifteen – Reverse Engineering 182
Chapter Sixteen – Training DJIA 187
Chapter Seventeen – Spreadsheet 216
Chapter Eighteen – Trading Plan 223
Chapter Nineteen – How to tell the difference of a CTM and a CTctmM Correction Rhythms 225
Wrap up 227
Charts, Drawing, Pictures & Tables 237



Chapter one – Triangles

First triangle to look at is on Earth and is the only existing wonder of the seven ancient wonders of the world.  That is the Great Pyramid, which some call the Pyramid of Geza or the Pyramid of Kufu

Without going into the techniques and how it was probably built with an inside passage, the triangle has four sides on a square base and one can draw a circle around the base that would touch the four corners.

Pyramid Triangle


Picture 1.2 Pyramid


There you have Gann Logo’s Triangle in a Square in a Circle. In this book, Market Triangulation we will just concentrate on the Triangle and the Circle.

I am going to show you the cornerstone of trading will get your success rate over 95% and with a little practice over 99%.

Drawing 1.1 below Pyramid lines

You will notice that there are nine lines to the Square, Circle and Triangles.  Four triangles to the Square. One Square, and one to the Circle.

Looking at the pyramid from the apex (top) you can count the lines – four lines for the triangles four lines for the square and one for the circle with the square touching the circle at four points.

The number nine is a rhythm and is very important in targeting the markets.  In fact without nine you cannot target very well in the markets.  I will expand this idea further in chapter three.

Triangles in the Heavens

Let’s look a little deeper into the Triangle and turn our focus on the heavens. We find that there is a star formation called the Triangulum Australe.

These constellations explain and tell us things.  In terms of the markets today I am writing this on the 23/11/2014 which is captain America’s BUS Date go here

The Triangulum Australe is a small constellation in the far southern celestial hemisphere.

Its name is Latin for ‘the southern triangle’, which distinguishes it from Triangulum in the northern sky, and is derived from the almost equilateral pattern of its three brightest stars.

It was first depicted on a Western World celestial globe as Triangulus Antarcticus by Petrus Plancius in 1589, and later, with more accuracy and its current name, by Johann Bayer in his 1603 Uranometria.  The French explorer and astronomer Nicolas Louis de Lacaille charted and gave the brighter stars their Bayer designations in 1756.

Chart courtesy of Stellarium the charting programs is free and can be downloaded from

Chart 1.0 Trianguim Australe

Arabic Star Triangle.

[1]The Arabic Star charts were written by Abd al-Rahman al-Sufi (Persian:) (December 7, 903. Rey Iran– May 25, 986.  Shiraz) who was a Persian Astronomer also known as ‘Abd ar-Rahman as-Sufi, or ‘Abd al-Rahman Abu al-Husayn, ‘Abdul Rahman Sufi,

Chart 1.1 Arabic

Star Triangle

‘Abdurrahman Sufi and known in the west as Azophi.  The Lunar crater Azophi and the Minor planet Alsufi are named after him.

Al-Sufi published his famous Book of Fixed Stars in 964, describing much of his work, both in textual descriptions and pictures.*

The Stars are there just to help us understand how powerful the triangle is if we use it for our benefit. [2]There are other stars named:

  1. The Ocotns (a navigation instrument),
  2. The Horologium (clock) indicating you can use the Stars for Measuring time.
  3. The Circinus an instrument to draw circles or draftsmen compass.
  4. Norma Latin for normal or right angle.
  1. The Reticulum its name is Latin for a small net, or reticle—a net of crosshairs at the focus of a telescope eyepiece that is used to measure star positions.
  1. The Pyxis Its name is Latin for a mariners compass.

Making a total of seven stars named after Instruments for the Measuring and Calculating time and space.

The Triangle is incredibly important.

Hexagram Triangles

A hexagram (Greek) or sexagram (Latin) is a six-pointed geometric star Figure.  It is two triangles overlaid.

Drawing 1.2 Hexagram

The Pentagram Triangles falling from the sky!

What is interesting, when you think of the pentagram (5 pointed star) and snowflakes is that, until recently, it was said that no two snowflakes are the same.  However we now know that is incorrect because Jim and Penny Caldwell recorded Pentagram Snowflakes in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia back in the early 1990s.[3

Although the underlying crystals shapes may differ, but to our eyes and human vision capabilities they are all the same.

When I watched the screens for hundreds of hours, and said, “how, does the market know where it is going in advance

It must have a targeting system. It cannot be random I mean, who can teach who, what, if the outcome is random – it is impossible.

I would say, what is it?  Why does it move in this way or that way? How does it know where

it is going before it gets there?’

Around that time I said, under the Elliot Wave Model, C = A.  But C = A only sometimes. Why? Then asked myself why? Why? Again and again, WHY?

After all when you want to go on a trip you find the destination that you want to go to and then map out a course. Not all trips are C = A It would be pretty boring life if they were.

In goal setting, you set the goal, do some work and things fall into place for you to achieve the goal.

Goal setting and the achievement of the goals would not work without the Law of Vibration and Harmony, (the outcomes would be random).  The markets set the goals, as you will see.  All you have to do is identify the projection and multiply it out and then trade it, using all six thinking hat.

You trade in the direction the market tells you it is going, calculate the ‘M” Magnitude of the destination points you are wanting to trade, then you take action and execute the trade.  All you have to do, once the trade is current or in play, is wait and watch the market get to the point its “(5 M Tri-Rhythms 2 targeting TriRs and 2

Cornerstone TriRs. 9 TriRs in total)”  (“M” is the Magnitude of the movement you calculated) target where it told you it was going in advance.

Those terms above I used developed when trying to find out the truth and why Elliott’s Model “Wave Theory” did not work for the most part of time anyway.

As mentioned I used 0 to 12 now and CctmTM or I put them in this order CTctmM outcome to me is the same.


You do not set the target, the market sets the target, you just have to assess part of the rhythms, calculate the Magnitudes, set and execute the trade and watch the market go to the targets it set.

If you trade other than intraday you will not even have the daily routine of checking the markets to make a profit because the projection also gives an approximate time frame. The drawing in 1.2 is the Hexagram which also can be in the markets whirling Triangles (as the Hexagram turns).

Many people mistake calling a double or a triple top, when really what they are seeing is whirling triangles of the market possibly turning further up or further down or from up to down and vice versa.  If you don’t believe me turn the Hexagram on its side.  Double top – Double bottom is what you will see. In this book we are not concerned with timing the market, although it may be desired, we believe there is a simple approach if you are correct and including if you are trading intraday.

Having said that there are minor Rhythms and Major Rhythms that complete and set up the next set of Rhythms.  Therefore what you are really seeing is points 1,2,3,4,5,6 and maybe 3 set of them and then 7,8 & 9 and probably up to 3 of sets of them and then the same on the other side the down side for example as the markets sets up multiple #1,#3 and #5 rhythms primary rhythms.

I will show you a simple way to estimate the time component.  You can trade the hard time consuming way or you can do it a simple way and free up your time. In this book I am just showing you a very quick easy way to trade VERY profitably with the greatest of ease.  You can always do the in depth study as you go.

A Quote from W. D Gann from his book Speculation: A Profitable Profession.  ‘A Course of Instructions on Grains’, p. 1, paragraph 4,

When you learn the rules and follow them you eliminate trading on Hope, Fear, and Guesswork which is nothing by gamble and you cannot afford to risk your money gambling.  (RED Hat emotional trading).

You must follow mathematical rules which I have proved to be a realistic guide in trading You must prove to yourself that the rules have always worked in the past and they will work in the future. 

When you have the proof follow the rules and you will make speculation a profitable profession.’

In intraday trading, particularly futures, the trend may change a few times a day and the lower the time frame the more frequent the change in trend. This is because the markets move in mathematical rhythms and that is what we are focusing on.

The rhythms must move in mathematical law but they change in pitch or depth or height and time just like sound rhythms in a music piece or a song.  Therefore there are smaller Rhythms or Tri-Rhythms on lower

time frames that make up the larger time frames and then larger Tri-Rhythms on larger time frames right up to centuries & 1000 years into Eternity and down into Eternity (ever smaller time frames). It’s a bit like the snowflakes one small one is a factual of a larger one.

When we drill down to the intraday time frames you can find triangles all the time and it is the Tri-Rhythms of the general overall rhythms that we are focusing on.

In schools the Pythagorean Theorem is taught in geometry classes and it states that the sum of the squares of the sides of the right triangle is equal to the square of the Hypotenuse.

We are going to use this triangle rhythm “Tri-Rhythms” to work out the distance in points of the index or

whatever you are trading will move by.

Pythagoras understood creation to be based on sound and music and he used geometry as a language to express it. (vibration).

[1] Information from wikkipedia






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