Woman in Heaven gives Birth E-book

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Woman in Heaven gives Birth is when in Revelation Chapter 12 verse 1 & 2 of the Holy Bible become fulfilled.

The Woman gives Birth in the Heavens. In this study, we use History “the prelude highlights prophesies from the Book of Daniel which are relevant to prophecy of Virgo (the Woman) in Arabic (the Undefended one) giving birth”. We use High level Cycle analysis, Numerology, Biblical Astrology, Astronomy and Bible numeric (s) among others. We look into the future which is less than 2.5 years away. In verse one of chapter 12, it says a sign will be in the Heavens,

looking up at the stars and matching the verse’s with the cycles we discover that they align incredibly well with the weekend of the 23-24th September 2017 and around 7:36 am Israel time. if fact she gives birth at 7:36am Jerusalem Time on the 23rd of November 2017, You will find out who or what the 10 horns are and don’t think they are the 10 horns of the club of Rome either. As v1 says in the Amplified Bible there will be the sign of ominous events are about to take place thereafter.


Woman in Heaven gives Birth E-book

Woman in Heaven gives Birth
7:36AM Jerusalem time on the 23rd of September 2017
This book replaces the book titled “Virgo gives Birth and one titled 24/09/2017.

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Password is on page 112

Anyone who brought a ebook or paperback book of the aforementioned books is welcome to have a e-book copy of this book “Woman in Heaven gives Birth” If you would like the updated copy please email me with your receipt and I will forward a new to you.

This is the last update I will do on this book seeing it is now only 2.5 years away to the fulfilment of the prophecy of Revelation 12.
What this book is endeavouring to show you

This book is different to most books about the Holy Bible! Let me make that clear very clear. You will not find scripture upon scripture upon scripture upon scripture being you pack to the same point but not quite and therefore confused!

What you will find is a book that take a scripture and endeavour using mathematics of the universe to prove that are very true and coming true. This book does not beat around the bush and they end with questions, like “could it be?” Or “is it that?” “Could it have been” and such like statements that you hear on TV and You Tube from some very credible people and read in their books.

There are many scriptures and we could have put them in here, instead I have tried to take a more “scientific approach”. Which is stated further in the book. Albert Einstein said

“Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind.”
We prove the Bible is true even down to the second and fourth decimal point in time. To our Knowledge no other book about the Bible has been able to achieve that when taking time into account and we do it into the future.

Table of Contents

Bible Background Information Does God Allow Biblical Astrology? 39
Prelude. 44
Introduction. 97
Chapter One – Bible Translations. 101
Chapter Two – History of Constellations – Zodiac’s 113
Chapter Three – Star & Planet Positions 117
Chapter Four – Displacement Factor. 126
Chapter Five – Time of Birth. 135
Chapter Six – How Cycles Change 142
Chapter Seven – Planetary Cycle Analysis 155
Chapter Eight – The Male Child. 176
Chapter Nine – Zodiac Signs. 184
Chapter Ten – 1260 Days. 198
Chapter Eleven – Ten Horns, 7 Crowns and 7 Diadems 221
Chapter Twelve – Other Observations 227
Chapter Thirteen – Seven Virtues & Seven Sins 236
Chapter Fourteen – Lucifer 239
Chapter Fifteen – 100 years 1917 to 2017 248
Chapter Sixteen – The Sun – The Trump Card 258
Chapter Seventeen – Revelation – deliberations 261
Chapter Eighteen – The 7 Vials. 316
Chapter Nineteen – Aliens. 329
Chapter Twenty – The Rapture. 343

What should one do Spiritually and Naturally? 355

What will happen to my Investments, Retirement Funds & Properties? 360
Appendix A. 377
Musical Clock & Squaring out 377
Index of Charts, Diagrams, Logos 386
Link Index. 389
General Index. 395
Number index. 408

Chapter Four – Displacement Factor. Example

The points (corners) of the Great Pyramid of Giza does not square up with True North and South of the compass. One would expect them to do so seeing the whole structure is so accurate on all of its other measurements.

In fact the Great Pyramid is off its true alignments of the North South East and West points of the compass by 2o and 28 minutes. (2 degrees and 28 Minutes).

This is in Alan Oliver’s book Titled “Trading with the Gods”

In his book he says that in 1798 Napoleon was predisposed to conquer Europe and his main adversary in this was England. Napoleon and his navy were outclassed by the English navy fleet. Desperate for Victory he was open to any suggestion that might further his cause.

Alan goes on to say that Napoleon decided to send his Military, Architects, Surveyors, Engineers, artists, Mathematicians Astronomers and other learned scholars and individuals to Egypt. His plan was to
attempt to reduce the power of his main adversary by using the secret that he would find left behind by a highly intelligent lost civilization.

For three years his team had unparalleled and unrestricted access to all the great monuments of Egypt.

The word was bound into twenty volumes and published between 1809 and 1828. End quote

Picture 4.0a Book Cover below

description-Delegypte-Neopolan-the-grand1 (1)
description Delegypte Neopolan the grand
Unfortunately it is written in French off course and I cannot read French. Alan states that he found many numbers related to the financial markets in Napoleon teams studies. In particular of note for this book is the number 228.
This is a very important point we also know that the earth over time has tilted at 22.8 Degrees. Actually the tilt moves from 22.1 to 24.5 degrees over time.
What is so often the case is one just needs to delete the decimal place out of the figure to see the similarities in the numbers one is looking for or double or half the number.
In this example, The Pyramid is out of square with the compass points of north east south and west by 2 degrees and 28 minutes.

By moving the decimal point one space to the right you have 22.8 degrees which within the range of the tilt on the Earth axis.

By removing the decimal point completely it becomes 228. A number I come up with trading the Sydney Futures Market (SPI and XJO) as well as a lot among other numbers seen in the Bible. I am not the only one who has seen this.

Alan Oliver also mentions this in his book.

An old age question is answered in the next chapter. Also 2.29 is the Height of the ascending passage. Another confirmation that 2.28 – 2.29 is a measurement of significance.

The term for Axis tilt to Astronomers is “Obliquity” which according to the Collins dictionary is in the terms of planetary science a deviation from the perpendicular or horizontal.

For example Earth current tilt or obliquity is approximately 23.45 degrees.

The eleventh Moon of Neptune by the name of Sao has an interesting fact and that is that its semi-major Axis is 22,228,000 Kilometres
The Semi-Major or Minor Axis is the longest in diameter. A line (line segment) that runs through the centre and both foci, of an ellipse with the ends at the widest points of the shape.
Drawing 4.0




The ellipse can be useful in the financial markets when using Technical Analysis. I will not go into it here, however a simple but effective website for reference and working model for you to play with or use is
The perimeter of an ellipse is not that easy to work out and nor is the incline.

One can calculate it much earlier if they wish. Although I do not bother due to finding an easier way to measure targets on financial markets with an targeting accuracy measured to the fourth decimal point 99.++++% to 100%.

As just shown there is another example of the number 228 magnified this time by the three zero’s.

Number 228 is a composite number. Factors of 228 are 2 * 2 * 3 * 19. Number 228 has 12 divisors: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 12, 19, 38, 57, 76, 114, 228.
Sum of the divisors is 560. Number 228 is not a Fibonacci number.
Number 228 is an abundant number and therefore is not a perfect number.

Square of the number 228 is 51984.

(52 if you insert a decimal point between the 1 and the 9 and round up you have). (52 Weeks). Or 52 years or 520 years

Earth & the number 228

Let’s have a look closer to home if we divide 228 by 2 (228/2) = 114. Is 114 special in relation to Earth?

In the argument of perihelion we see the number: 114.20783°
The argument of Perihelion is the orientation of an elliptical orbit can be specified by three orbital elements: the inclination, the ascending node and the argument of perihelion and is best referenced here.

The Pyramid has so many qualities that are very relative to earth one wonders if they have all been found as yet.

Saturn & 114

Longitude of ascending node: 113.642811°

Argument of perihelion: 336.013862°

It should be noted also that the number 228 is in the second square of 12.   12 times 12 is 144

2nd square of 12 is 288 in which 228 resides.

As you can see now the Lord God or some prefer to call nature uses the same numbers, multiplication or division of the number that is in focus over and over again. This is reasonable because it obviously makes work easier.

Also the Displacement factor gives this effect on the Circle and therefore cycles I believe and is shown on the next page in

Drawing 4.1 Displacement Factor effect.

displacement rotation


Another interesting point is that there are many pyramids around the world, they were apparently used for power generation.
However The Great Pyramid may never had been used for this for one simple reason, the capping stone was never placed on it.
“In that day shall there be an altar to the LORD in the midst of the land of Egypt, and a pillar at the border thereof to the LORD.” AND ” The stone which the builders refused is become the head stone of the corner.

The builders of this power plant rejected the capping stone and then left the building rejected.

Why would they leave a massive building that presumably took years to build, and of a massive engineering feat be left alone?

Simple really due to the capping stone not fitting, it showed them that the whole structure was out of balance, and out of balance means no electricity could be generated or the structure would vibrate incorrectly and self-destruct. Because it was not perfect it had to be rejected, and so it was. Yet it was perfect in that it showed us so many things about the Lord and his Earth and His creation.

It to me also means you need to rely on Jesus and the God Head for power spiritual power to overcome opposition.

Therefore they rejected the capping stone we rejected Jesus and He has become the Head stone of the corner. The cornerstone – without him nothing can be achieved.

Christian Bible Prophecy Woman in Heaven gives Birth









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