Woman in Heaven gives Birth – Second Addition

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Woman in Heaven gives Birth – Second Addition

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Woman in Heaven gives Birth – Second Addition

Woman in Heaven gives Birth is when in Revelation Chapter 12 verse 1 & 2 of the Holy Bible become fulfilled.

The Woman gives Birth in the Heavens. In this study, we use History “the prelude highlights prophesies from the Book of Daniel which are relevant to prophecy of Virgo (the Woman) in Arabic (the Undefended one) giving birth”. We use High level Cycle analysis, Numerology, Biblical Astrology, Astronomy and Bible numeric (s) among others. We look into the future which is less than 2.5 years away. In verse one of chapter 12, it says a sign will be in the Heavens,

looking up at the stars and matching the verse’s with the cycles we discover that they align incredibly well with the weekend of the 23-24th September 2017 and around 7:36 am Israel time. if fact she gives birth at 7:36am Jerusalem Time on the 23rd of November 2017, You will find out who or what the 10 horns are and don’t think they are the 10 horns of the club of Rome either. As v1 says in the Amplified Bible there will be the sign of ominous events are about to take place thereafter.

Table of Contents

About the Author 9
Dedicated 14
Foreword 15
Bible Background Information Does 18
God Allow Biblical Astrology? 18
Prelude 23
Introduction 73
Chapter One – Bible Translations. 77
Chapter Two – History of Constellations 93
Chapter Three – Star & Planet Positions 96
Chapter Four – Displacement Factor. 105
Chapter Five – Time of Birth 113
Chapter Six – How Cycle Change 119
Chapter Seven – Planetary Cycle Analysis 136
Chapter Eight – The Male Child(s) 157
Chapter Ten – 1260 Days 175
Chapter Eleven – Ten Horns, 196
7 Crowns and 7 Diadems 196
Chapter Twelve – Other Observations 202
Chapter Thirteen – 7 Virtues & Seven Sins 210
Chapter Fourteen – Lucifer 214
Chapter Fifteen – 100 years 1917 to 2017 222
Chapter Sixteen – The Sun-The Trump Card 232
Chapter Seventeen -Revelation deliberations 235
Chapter Eighteen -The 7 Vials 285
Chapter Nineteen – Aliens 297
Chapter Twenty – The Rapture 317
What should one do 328
Spiritually and Naturally? 328
What will happen to my Investments, Retirement Funds & Properties? 334
Glossary of Terms 339
Appendix A 389
Musical Clock & Squaring out 389
Now we move on to the Musical 393
Clock of 393
Musical Clocks 393



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