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Probable High Dates for DJIA, SP500 and Black Monday event

Probable High Dates for DJIA, SP500 and Black Monday

1987 the high was on the 25/08/1987 which was 2 days before the FOMC meeting which is always held last Thursday of the month.
The 2017 high may well be 2 days before the FOMC meeting.  Meaning the High is probably going to be 22/08/2017.
Now due to Black Monday being in 1987 the Black Monday cycle this being 30 years this time will be the 25/09/2017 the Day after the Germany Elections.
However this will be a black monday like no other.  The reason’s for this are mentioned in the Book of Revelation. These are:
Woman in Heaven gives Birth as a sign to the Great Tribulation go here to read more or watch a video on it and that a Man will be elected to govern the world on the 24/09/2017.  Germany has it elections on the 24/09/2017 and Martin Schulz will be the Man most probably see video here.
Also when Rev 12 comes true as above mentioned Revelation 8v12 comes true being Trumpet number 4, which is a 1/3 match to the fourth day of creation.  to read more go here.

So you see all this is going to shock the world on the 24th and 25th of September 2017 and the markets may react very badly indeed and then on the 29th we have the US debt ceiling expiry, which will probably pass through, but maybe not if the elite really want to destroy the governments of the world to bring in the ONE NEW WORLD ORDER CURRENCY in 2018 being a “BlockCHAIN” “Crypto-Currency” – Christians should be very aware – this is not good….to read more go here

But in the mean time this crash that is coming if indeed it does may make a few of us well off even if one for a very short time… and that is assuming they “the banks” elite pay out the winners!