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2 Reasons the “Talking Heads” have not considered will kill the markets for good!

2 Reasons the “Talking Heads”  have not considered will kill the markets for good!

The First one is Project Blue Beam go here to my Revamp Your Mind Christian Site to see why and two:

The result of that will mean there will be massive amount of home loans unpayable and on top of that the Insurance Claims will be very large for Death and Suicidal!

That’s it fear of what is coming and 2 the result and damage as the insurance people call it.  Its not the 2000 foot in land level its the result and damage of the same will cause Banks to be Bankrupted immediately!  Come October and banks will not be getting paid, guess what they won’t let you take your money out!

Bang down goes the markets, hey make a billion it don’t matter they wont’ have the money to pay you!

Ghostbusters no money


That also means they will not have any money to buy your gold & Silver either!


Who you gonna Call? Ghostbusters!   No go to this page instead if you want the truth to set you free  http://revampyourmind.com/salvation-massage/

The Ghosts of Derivatives and Bonds have taken your Money just you watch and see very soon

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A little over night Trade

A little over night Trade

key to profits

The key or your edge to Trading is knowing exactly where the market is.  Then enter at the best time you can as you have a life and may not be able to enter at the precise moment.

That is what happen with this trade I was in 5 hours before I wanted to be in, but I was busy so I entered the trade, knowing it was going to be underwater for a few hours.  Not Ideal but it was only a few cents on the Option so it did not brother me much.

Not including brokerage I used $2,100 AUD to buy some MAY CALL OPTIONS (i.e. Went LONG) market was 5800 odd and so I BROUGHT 10 with a STRIKE PRICE of 6,000  and I knew the market was about to going into Rhythm 5 notice this is before Elliot would not even be counting yet!  see page 72 of there book what they say is right is actually WRONG!

I got back $3,600 AUD when I closed them at 36 cents.  so that is 1,500 profit (excluding brokerage).  Brokerage was around $80.00.  (2,100/1,500) =  is 1.4 times.  OR

(1500/2100) == 71.42% profit

take 80 off for brokerage approx is

1420/2100 = 67.61% in 24 hours!

Why did I exit when there was more to go.

(1). Well it is Anzac Long weekend which means there is 3 days of Time Decay.

(2). Closest date options was MAY so not paying for time but still wary of it.

(3).  I like being out of the Markets on Weekends, so my brain is not thinking about positions much.

(4). With a profit of 67% in a day why would you leave it on the table for the Market to attack it?

You see you got to be Smart.  You Must realise you are at War the moment you put a trade live!

the markets go 24 hours per days and we as Humans were not designed for that.  That is another realm.

Below are the statements.  But to know where you are in the markets realise Elliot Wave Principle or Elliot Wave Theory is incorrect.  Even if you got it perfect you can only be 71% correct with Elliot wave and that is if you do not make a mistake and get it perfect!

So see my book buy it LEARN before you trade and LEARN as you TRADE so that you do not lose!

Statements – click to enlarge

OptionsStatement (2) april trade_Page_1






OptionsStatement (2) april trade_Page_2


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Earth & the number 228

Earth & the number 228

Let’s have a look closer to home if we divide 228 by 2 (228/2) = 114. Is 114 special in relation to Earth?

In the argument of perihelion we see the number: 114.20783*
The argument of Perihelion is the orientation of an elliptical orbit can be specified by three orbital elements: the inclination,the ascending node and the argument of perihelion and is best referenced here.


The Displacement factor of the Great Pyramid of Giza is 228
The Pyramid has so many qualities that are very relative to earth one wonders if they have all been found as yet.

Saturn & 114 which is 228/2 = 114
Longitude of ascending node: 113.642811°
Argument of perihelion: 336.013862°

It should be noted also that the number 228 is in the second square of 12.
12 times 12 is 144
2nd square of 12 is 288 in which 228 resides.

So why have I mentioned this well look at the chart of the Dow Jones Index below. I have counted 320 weeks so far.

On the 19th June it will be 336 weeks divide that by 3 =112. Add on a few weeks brings one to 113-114.

In fact my target for the high is 14-17th August. Which is 344 weeks from the low if I counted correctly and divide that by 3 and you have a result of 144.6666666666667

Now how about that? Fibonacci and Book of Revelation number 144 and warning that the turn has come with four lots of 666. Oh and the 7 for final!

DJIA 336


Assuming it does turn around the 14-17th August

I have used a Fibonacci number here the reason being it is getting close to the circle, and the circle is usually a Fibonacci number about 30% of the time, at the very most on stocks and indexes.

It is more frequent in currency trading.

And further below is the Ellipse.

 Why did I include the Earth, well because the markets MUST comply with the mathematics of the Universe.

That’s how I was able to figure out the simple way of projecting targets and now I can do it in seconds and in my head when using 10 second charts.



The Displacement factor in the Pyramid is 2 degrees and 28 minutes.  This time difference turns a square within a circle, because it is not perfectly aligned, which was the creators intention by the way.

This makes the Circle of the Universe and Earth and other planets do the below.  Shift a little each circuit.

What’s the bet the CERN Scientists did not take this into account and will blow the guts out of the Earth.  i.e. The Bottomless pit will be opened!

displacement rotation



Now if we look at the four seasons and Earth rotating around the Sun we see that it also has a similar number.
See 1.47 million kilometres and on the other side we see 152 million kilometres.

4 seasons


Therefore 147 times 2 equals 294. We seen above that the second square of 12 was 288 so 294 is close and in the third square of 12.

152 times 2 is 304 also in the third square of 12.  12 is the number for perfect government as is 10.  304-294 = 10.  The Earth’s rotation round the Sun is perfectly balance.

However if you look into the CERN and what they are doing, they may disrupt this perfect balance.

Still in terms of the markets it looks like to me and I have done a lot of other study on this subject that 14-17th August 2015 will be the high on the New York Markets.  Meaning get ready because the first part of the crash will be fast and profitable and last only around 45 days if history is repeating itself here.

Should you wish to know more about it and how the crash fits into the Bible and the cycle of Joseph and Pharaohs Dreams are going to affect the markets greatly then click here to purchase the book and I will provide you with even more information so that you can potentially make a stack of money.

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Uncommon Wisdom

Uncommon Wisdom =  5 Stars

Its not very often I receive great comments. I am not a writer. I just discovered the NO:1 Secret to the Financial Markets.   This comment “Uncommon Wisdom” is worthy of mention, it is exceptional!

18102014 review by verun sethi


Thank you Varun very much appreciated.

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Thank you once again Varun, for an exceptional comment. much appreciated.




One of the people who have brought my Ebook, have worked out what GOLD is going down to.

He was correct on his calculations, he worked it out to be the same price I did a few months ago.  I may state the price here at a later date.  I will not tell you the price or how it is calculated because that would be unfair to those who are buying the book.

If you would like to know what GOLD is going to then you can simply work it out by buying my book.  I would like to even put a range on here but then why do that.  Struggling here to find the words and not tell you the price target.

I can tell you though it is much lower than the break even point of $1,100 AUD that the miners must make to make it profitable to mine the Gold in the first place.

Many of the Gold miners will go broke or just stop production,  Seems like a very good SHORTING play/trade to me although I  thought that when NCM reached $40.00.

Back 2.5 years ago in April 2011 I said to one of my clients the Mining boom is over.  He laughed at me, then come back to me at a later date a couple of weeks and said all his mates down the pub/club say I am a nutter for saying the mining boom was over.

Who was right in the end……..  I was precise  April 2011 was when the Mining boom was over

Yes GOLD is going much lower, you watch and see……