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Will the DOW hit 21,600?

Will the DOW hit 21,600?

For a couple of years I said it may hit 19,235 but never really thought it would, however Fibonacci levels said it would using the basic points of support and resistance.

I also drew out rising trend lines when the DOW reached Rhythm 7 and thought no way….  I have been wrong many times, am I wrong this time?

Using the power of 3, I notice various commentators use this and therefore cannot credit the first person to discover it. Applying power of 3 to the DOW we see below in the first chart the DOW has exceeded the power of 3.



We can see that this is wrong as the market has already exceeded the power of 3.  However if we increase the size to take into account the Rhythms of 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 we have a different outcome. See below. Rhythms 1,2,3,4 not shown



Now the trend line is important it is how I was able in May 2011 call the High in the Mining industry Gold and Silver Markets.  The Vertical intersecting line provides a probable date and that date is 25/07/2017.

We are in Rhythm 9 and within that Rhythm we are in Rhythm 7(s) (may be more than one). Number 9 is the top of the Humanistic Behavioural Model of 12 rhythms.  The Gumm Rhythm.  It is commonly known as Triangulation. But not known as that in Financial Markets until I discovered it.  Elliot Wave is incorrect by 29%! Once the market gets to the top of 9 it will complete three rhythms down, of which will consist of 9 Rhythms.  Hence a overlapping interlocking mathematical system that blinds our whole universe together – not just the markets. Triangulation!

However I have seen many of these fail.  I.e. the 9th Rhythm does not get to the upper edge of the rising trend line.  There are many reasons for this. So let look at Gann’s Square of Nine Chart.  Something I am still figuring out how to use properly.

Starting at 6469 the Low of the Dow on the 6th March 2009 and using increments of 39, i.e. each square has a value of 39 points.



Now that is hard to see so we will zoom in a couple of times

Zoom1 – click on a chart to zoom in as well.




The Date at the top is the 26th July and the square is 21600

Zoom 2


The Dates down the bottom here are 6 March 2009  and 23rd of January.

So we could be looking for a top at any time, but probably between 23rd of January 2017 and 26th July 2017. And possibly at 21600 points using Fibonacci tool and the Power of three overlapping at the retrace-ment areas.

But if a very unstable world then it may fall short of the target and or dates.

We shall see!